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About Andy Stapp

“Go big or go home” and “If you cut a hole in this hood I’ll cut your neck” were the two quotes yelled at another teammate from across the set of Car Warriors as Andy Stapp faced a huge dilemma on the hit TV reality car building series. Fox Channel used those words to advertise the up and coming heated challenge between small town Joe and the big time Pros in a 72 hour car building competition. That ad became a multi-million dollar time slot in the 2010 Super bowl commercials. That was the beginning of a wave of upcoming TV shows and episodes of various car building and competitions. He then packed up and went from southern California to Nashville to build cars on a popular TV show called “Search and Restore.” One particular build ended with some of Andy’s airbrushing being complimented by ZZ Top’s lead Singer Billy Gibbons. Southern California was calling again. This time for something that required a long term stay. Andy Stapp was asked to become lead painter for Chip Foose on the hit TV show “Overhaulin” as a team of experts build cars under secret and reveal their masterpieces as a surprise back to the owners. One particular build lead to 2 episodes for Jay Leno. Andy Stapp grew up simple in a small town in West Texas. Lockney, Texas has a population of about 1600 and he graduated in 1993 with class of only 44 people. He signed up for The United States Marine Corps as a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare specialist running Marines through gas chambers on U.S., Japan, and Australian military bases. “I guess I was born to wear a mask. I went from gas chambers to paint rooms.” After his extent in the Marine Corps he came back home to help run a family auto-body repair shop. He ventured into airbrushing which lead him into doing artwork all over the nation for IHRA and NHRA drag racing, and UGGS Boot company as their lead artist. Today, Andy Stapp has taken on the adventure of writing a screenplay that is soon to go into production. He continues to live in his small town he grew up in but reaches out to those peculiar callings of Hollywood and it’s business.

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